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Transfer Students

Transfer of Credits

You may request that up to half of the credit hours required to complete a degree or program be transferred from an approved institution. For a course to be eligible for transfer, you must have earned at least a C- (60%) on the course. No more than 15 of these credit hours (five courses) can be earned via internet-based courses.

To begin the process, you must first be accepted into your chosen program at ADC. Then, submit the appropriate course description(s) (syllabus) to the ADC Registrar, along with the official transcript of the institution. If the Associate Dean and Registrar deem the course(s) to be acceptable for transfer, the Registrar will provide written approval.

If you are already enrolled at ADC and interested in registering for a course offered by another recognized university or seminary, you may submit a request for Transfer Credit, along with the appropriate course description (syllabus) and course code to the ADC Registrar. If the Associate Dean and the Registrar deem the course acceptable for transfer, the Registrar will issue a Letter of Permission to transfer to the host school.

Shawna Peverill
Registrar & Manager of Student Services
PHONE: 1-902-585-2216EMAIL: shawna.peverill@acadiau.ca

Advanced Standing

If you have taken courses at other institutions which have over 60% of the same content as the courses offered in the ADC program, you may appeal to the Associate Dean to take an elective in the same department. You are normally allowed no more than four such exemptions – any additional exemptions must be approved by Faculty. Applications for Advanced Standing must the made by the end of the first week of classes in each term.

If you are a graduate of the Bachelor of Theology degree at Acadia University and you apply to the Master of Divinity degree, you may be eligible for advanced standing with credit for some courses.

We have signed agreements with Crandall University and with Kingswood University to provide guidelines for advanced standing with credit for their graduates who apply to the ADC Master of Divinity program. Applicants to the Master of Divinity degree who are graduates of Acadia University, Crandall University, or Kingswood University are encouraged to contact the Registrar for further details.