Technology Support

902-585- 4357 (HELP)

1-888- 609-3330 (Toll Free)

Email Access

Your Acadia email address is your (eg.

All correspondence with Acadia University and Acadia Divinity College happen with your Acadia Email.

Email can be accessed by most devices on the Office website at

You can also access your email through an app such as Outlook or Mac Mail. To set up your preferred app go to for more details

Network Accounts

Upon arriving at Acadia University, all students will have access to several network accounts. These include, but are not limited to:

Your username is the last six (6) digits of your student number and the first letter of your last name.

For example Jane Smith, student number 100012345, would have a username of 012345s. Your password is the same one you use for online registration on the Registrar’s website.

Office 365

You can download the full Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc) for free at

For more information visit

Acorn Help

Acorn is Acadia University’s course management and learning system. Your professors may utilize ACORN during the semester to aid in the learning experience. It may be as simple as passing on files, like lecture notes, syllabi or interesting web links, or it may be something more interactive like online lessons, quizzes, or groups discussions. Take the time to familiarize yourself with ACORN, and if you have any questions about how to access particular items on a course page, please ask your professor.

  1. The Course is in a Grey font and cannot be accessed OR does not appear at all?
    If this happens, and you know that your professor is using ACORN, then the professor has forgotten to activate the course. Please let your professor know that the course needs to be activated in his “Settings” panel for that course. Do not rely on ACORN for viewing the courses with which you are registered. These courses can be viewed on the AU Registrar’s site. Once you have logged in, go to “my links” and view your transcript.
  2. I am enrolled in the course but it is not showing up in my course list?
    There are several things that may be occurring.
  1. Check to be sure that your professor is in fact using ACORN. If not, then they may have not activated the course (see #1 above).
  2. If the course has been activated by the professor and you are still not seeing the course name, please see Jennifer Yansouni in Student Services to be sure that you are properly enrolled in the class on the Registrar’s portal.
  3. In extreme cases, a student can ask the professor to add them as an auditor to the course, by using the “Assign Roles” section under the Administration page. This option is only necessary if the student needs immediate access to the course page on ACORN.
  • I am a TA— how do I gain access to the courses I am assisting with?
    Ask the professor whom you are assisting to add you as a TA for each course you require access to. This is done in the “Assign Roles” section under the Administration panel for each course.

Additional Resources

You can find information on setting up your wireless internet, network printers, network drives, print credit, library access, and much more on the Technology Services website at

Distance Library Access

All students are entitled to access the full library resource access, even from a distance. To learn about what servies are available to you, or for detailed instructions about obtaining your ASIN card, or setting up off campus access, visit

For general enquiries about services to distance students, please email

Your Responsibility

Each student who has their own laptop is responsible for its safety and upkeep. Laptops have been stolen from within ADC, unfortunately, and the College is not held responsible for this.

ADC and Acadia University will not support any hardware problems that students have on their own computers. This is why we encourage our students to purchase from Acadia’s laptop store.

Software related issues can often be solved by using your help menu, or by simply googling your problem. We do not provide software tutorials.