Searchable Database: Resources for Faith-Based Organizations Supporting Reintegration of Former Prisoners

This database offers annotated listings of articles, reports, books, and other materials focussed on issues related to helping people who have been incarcerated re-enter or reintegrate into the community, and more specifically focus on the ways that efforts grounded in and/or seeking to encourage religion/spirituality can assist in that process.

Across Canada and around the world, faith-based organizations (often called Community Chaplaincies) seek to assist people making this transition by providing a varied range of services and programs, including mentoring and counselling, helping people find accommodation, employment, and social services, and much more.

The goal of this database is to support the work of faith-based organizations by providing a curated list of resource materials, including research reports, descriptions and evaluations of faith-based programs and interventions, and related materials.  

The database is fully searchable via a search of date of publication or production, authors’ names, titles, publications, and keywords, etc. A search can produce an annotated bibliography in one of several forms, and information about how to access the resource. Where possible, a downloadable copy of an article or report will be included in the database. Copyright restrictions, however, preclude this in many cases.


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