Studying and Serving from a Distance

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Michael and Melanie, along with their four children, Kyla, Sean, Carter and Allie, live in Roxas City, Capiz, on the island of Panay as Global Field Staff with Canadian Baptist Ministries

In January 2013, Michael Waddell and his wife, Melanie, participated in a short-term mission trip with Canadian Baptist Ministries to Kenya, Africa.  At that time, they had no plans to enter full-time ministry as Michael was running his own business, Melanie was studying at Acadia University to become a professional counsellor, and they were raising a young family.

However, plans changed, and Michael enrolled in the Acadia Master of Arts (Theology) program in September 2013 when Acadia Divinity College (ADC) offered a course at a local church through the ADC New Brunswick program.

In 2015, when they were asked to consider an opportunity to serve with Canadian Baptist Ministries in the Philippines, the decision was made easier because of Acadia Divinity College’s distance education options. While there were other matters to resolve, Michael didn’t have to choose between completing his studies or serving overseas. He could do both, and from his new home on the island of Panay, Michael has been able to continue his studies by joining live classes via video conferencing as part of our ‘virtual seat’ program.

We aspire to have high-quality, easy-to-use, reliable technology so every student can fully participate in the course. This mix of residential and ‘virtual’ students in our classes enriches the learning experience for all students by allowing them to learn from each other through their diverse contexts.


You Can Help

With your support, we plan to improve the current classroom technology by:

  • Installing microphone arrays for crystal clear audio of the entire classroom;
  • Upgrading cameras for sharper video feeds; and,
  • Adding wall-mounted screens for better communication between distance students and professors and other students in the classroom.

Fully upgrading the teaching classrooms and meeting spaces will require an investment of approximately $70,000. This academic year, the College building is undergoing a $2.85 million restoration providing us with the opportunity to fully equip our teaching spaces.

With your financial gift, we can provide exceptional distance education for students like Michael to study and serve concurrently. Please make an investment in the future of teaching Christian leaders. We sincerely appreciate your prayers and support for our shared ministry of preparing Christians to serve.

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