East Coast Theology Summer School Courses

East Coast Theology Summer School Courses
Our East Coast Theology Summer School courses are an ideal opportunity for continuing education – equip yourself to serve in your context with courses taught by our world-class faculty. You have the choice of auditing or taking courses for credit. 
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In this course students will study the Revelation of John, encompassing modern academic discussions, the variety of hermeneutical approaches, the theology from the book, and its function in the life of the church today. This course will provide students with the foundation for preaching, teaching, and further research in Revelation.Dr. Danny ZachariasWolfville or OnlineMay 23-May 27
9am -4pm (daily) 
History of Christianity
Christianity developed out of the context of the Roman world as a new movement, beginning with Jesus and over time spreading to the rest of the world. This course will explore the development of different traditions and denominations, the emergence of theological ideas, and the changes in the Church as has grown and interacted with culture.Dr. Christopher KillackyWolfvilleMay 23-May 27
9am -4pm (daily) 
Personal & Professional Ethics
In this course professional ethics in chaplaincy and counselling ministry settings will be considered. In this regard, issues such as codes of conduct, personal rights and freedoms, pertinent legal issues, knowing one’s professional limits, how and when to make a referral, maintaining confidentiality, and standards for ongoing professional and personal development will be addressed. Attention will also be given to ethical and religious concerns of a professional working in a multi-faith context. Cross-listed as CHAP 6013.Dr. Glen BerryWolfville or OnlineMay 23-May 27
9am-4pm (daily) 
Christian Spiritual Formation
This course will consider the Biblical and theological foundations of Christian discipleship.  Students will reflect on the indispensable role that spiritual disciplines have in cultivating deeper Christian spiritual formation. While aimed at those who are called to be leaders in the church, the course will also explore the application of spiritual disciplines to the life of the church as a whole and to its mission in the world.Dr. John McNallyWolfvilleMay 29-June 2
9am-4pm (daily) 
Leading Healthy and Effective Churches
This study of principles and practice for effective leadership will focus on ways to lead congregations in rural, small-town, and urban settings. Students will learn about a variety of local church models and congregational dynamics. Effective local church pastors and leaders will provide input and answer questions about their ministries. Students will be taught how to incorporate diverse groups of people in the church, how to lead consistent numerical and spiritual growth, how to build effective team ministries, how to provide wise financial leadership for the congregation, how to resolve conflict effectively, and how to lead significant social impact in the community. Cross- listed as EVAN 6063. Recommended prior study: EVAN 5013/3013.Dr. Lennett AndersonWolfville or OnlineJune 5-9
9am-12pm and 1pm-3:30pm (daily) 
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