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What to Expect this Fall

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What to Expect This Fall

You may be wondering what the fall is going to look like, especially as you study online at Acadia Divinity College (ADC).  “Let me reassure you – it’s going to be a fantastic learning experience!” says Dr. Anna Robbins, President of Acadia Divinity College.

While ADC has decided to offer classes fully online this fall, we remain committed to providing our students with a personal learning environment. “We will use all of the resources at our disposal to make sure we know who you are, what God has called you to, and how we can best equip you for that calling,” says Dr. Robbins.

Bachelor of Theology Student, Amy Goldberg, recently took an online course with ADC. “It may seem that learning remotely through technology will be cold and impersonal and maybe even a little bit lonely,” she says. “It’s actually quite a personal and fun environment where you will make friends, and you will come away feeling like you’re part of the class.”

Under the leadership of Dr. Steve McMullin, ADC Academic Dean, the Faculty has been preparing to deliver their courses online in new and blended ways. Recorded video segments of lectures and written materials will offer increased flexibility in accessing course content. Live video conference sessions will allow the class to come together for discussions as well as time to interact with their professors.

Through a significant investment in technology, the College utilizes a world-class learning system to facilitate the delivery of its education. “I was surprised at how effective the technology was in terms of the learning atmosphere,” says Goldberg. “For instance,  through breakaway and small group sessions, I got to know my other classmates and learn their perspectives a little more personally.” Ajay Ramanujam, a Master of Divinity Student, agrees. “I was worried that it would be difficult to do, both technically and mentally. However, it was surprisingly refreshing and easy to do.”

Utilizing technology in helpful and effective ways is nothing new for ADC. “We’ve done video online live classes for over a decade, so we’re well-positioned for this,” says Dr. Danny Zacharias, Director of Distance Education. “We use extensively a learning management system that’s built into Acadia University. Students also have remote access to a wide range of research materials through the Acadia University Library system. As Zacharias points out, “No matter where you are, you’ll have access to quality materials for your research, writing, and assignments.”

“The Faculty and staff of ADC are excited about what the fall is going to bring, and we hope you are too!” Dr. Robbins says. “Come and join us, and I think you’ll notice the Acadia difference as we equip you to serve.”

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