Academic Support

Academic Support Services

The Writing Center – Acadia University’s Writing Centre aims to help students become the best possible writers they can be. They offer a wide range of free services such as tutorials, presentations and workshops. For more information about the services they offer, please refer to their website at:

Acadia Tutoring Services – The Acadia Tutoring Service connects you with the academic help you need, when you need it. They are happy to connect you to both paid and options where available. More information can be found at:

Accessible Learning – The Accessible Learning Services staff at Acadia University are committed to providing a supportive, inclusive, and welcoming on-campus environment for all students, staff, and faculty. Our main goal is to facilitate access supports and resources that will maximize opportunities to a successful and meaningful experience at Acadia University.

Accessible Learning Services also administers the early alert and peer mentoring programs. For more information about the services available to you visit:

Life and Career Preparation

Career Services provides support with your employment, and career endeavors through career advising, workshops, online job postings, as well as employer recruitment and networking events. Their services are available to all undergraduate students and recent alumni – whether you’re a first year student looking to earn some extra money or a recent graduate looking for opportunities in your field of study, they can provide resources, advice, and support to assist you on your path to success!

Student Success Management-Acadia Resource Tree

Acadia University’s Student Success Management-Acadia Resource Tree campaign is now underway. There are Acadia University students, staff and faculty involved in creating this online and hard-copy resource. Our hope, is to bridge the gaps between resources across campus and throughout Acadia’s community to better help everyone in our community. Visit to view this new online resource.

Acadia Lifelong Learning

Auditors who are 50+ and live in the Wolfville and surrounding areas may be interested in becoming a member of Acadia University’s ‘Acadia Lifelong Learning’ (ALL) program. Members of ALL (who pay a minimal yearly fee) can audit introductory weekly courses that take place in Wolfville. Members of ALL with previous study may be permitted to audit advanced courses that meet weekly in Wolfville. For more information about ALL, visit :

Personal Support

Health and Wellness

Student Health Services – Acadia University has its own student health clinic on-campus. The clinic offers clinical nursing and physician services by appointment. Student Health Services also focuses on disease prevention, education, and wellness. Visit their webpage for more information:

Student Counselling Services – Getting through university poses many difficult challenges. Many students experience stress due to the adjustments required by their studies and the multiple roles in their lives. If you are feeling, anxious, stressed, depressed, lonely, or are experiencing difficulty adjusting to university or have academic or career concerns, personal counselling is an opportunity to resolve problems, improve understanding and learn new skills.

To book an appointment or to find out more information about counselling services at Acadia visit their website at:

International Students

The Wong International Centre – Established in 1997, the Wong International Centre (WIC) offers international students a “home away from home.” With the generous support of Gene D. Wong (’60), Acadia’s first graduate of Chinese descent, this Centre was created to provide support and information for Acadia’s many international students.

The Wong International Centre is a place to go to have your questions answered. Whether you need advice on applying for your income taxes or just need some help adapting to a new country the WIC Student Advisor and other staff members can  provide you with the support you may need.

For more information about international student life please visit the following websites: