Stories of Service: Hannah Bartlett

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Our alumni serve around the globe in a mosaic of contexts.
We are honoured to share their stories of service as they serve the mission of God with transformative impact.

Hannah has been with Cornerstone Baptist beginning part-time in 2018 as Director of Student Ministries and full time since 2020 as Next Generations Pastor. Hannah completed a BA in English and Biblical Studies with a Youth Leadership Certificate from Crandall University and an MDiv with specialization in Next Generation Ministry from Acadia Divinity College.

If, like Hannah, you want to impact the next generation and thrive in ministry long-term, look no further than ADC. With hands-on ministry training, knowledgeable faculty, and opportunities to grow spiritually, our Master of Divinity program will prepare you to pursue your calling in whatever context you find yourself in – both now and well into the future.

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