Stories of Service: Capt. Kayla Colford

Our alumni serve around the globe in a mosaic of contexts.
We are honoured to share their stories of service as they serve the mission of God with transformative impact.

Capt. Kayla Colford serves as a Military Chaplain at 14 Wing Greenwood. She completed her Master of Divinity at ADC in 2016 and her Master of Arts (Theology) in 2018, both at ADC.

As a Chaplain, Kayla recognizes the sacred space of allowing people to be heard by being fully present. During her studies at ADC she was able to cultivate these skills that she uses every day in her work with the CAF.

Perhaps like Kayla, you’ve felt the nudge to pursue a calling that requires an understanding of the ministry of presence. Learn more about how ADC can equip you to respond to that call and meet your moment both now and well into the future.

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