Dr. Stephen Dempster

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Professor of Religious Studies, Crandall University

Email: adcinfo@acadiau.ca

Steve has studied at University of Western Ontario,  Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia and the University of Toronto. He has published in the area of Old Testament Canon and Biblical Theology and has a recent interest in Bible Translation, having spent time in Cameroon as a translation consultant for the languages of Bakoko and Bakweiri. He has taught Old Testament and Hebrew Language at Crandall University for three decades, a small Christian liberal arts school in Moncton, New Brunswick. Steve is passionate about trying to connect Scripture with life in our postmodern world. He is currently writing commentaries on Genesis and Jeremiah, and a book on the Kingdom of God. He also loves the game of baseball, and is die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan.

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BA (University of Western Ontario)
M.A.R. (Westminster Theological Seminary)
M.TH (Westminster Theological Seminary)
MA (University of Toronto)
PhD (University of Toronto)

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