Dr. John McNeill

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Associate Academic Dean, Student Coordinator, NAIITS
Associate Professof Anthropology, NAIITS
Instructor of Missions and Anthropology, Providence Universty College

Email: john.mcneill@prov.ca

John, a run-of-the-mill Caucasian Canadian (Scots, Irish, German, Norwegian and some suspected Metis roots) is the husband of Christel, born in Saxony, then East Germany. Their 47 year-long marriage has produced 4 adult daughters and 11 grandchildren. John studied across the spectrum of pure sciences, psychology, theology and pedagogy before landing in the realm of anthropology (with a Ph.D. from TIU in Chicago, 1995). He and Christel have worked and taught in a variety of missionary and some semi-communal settings across North America and Central and Eastern Europe, including in many regions of the Former Soviet Union.

(Biography from naiits.com)

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PhD Trinity International University, 1995