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Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Native Studies


Jeanine Lowe LeBlanc, Mi’kmaq/Acadian, M.Div., (Asbury Theological Seminary), is Mi’kmaq and her people are from the Gaspe Peninsula of Eastern Canada. She is the wife of Dan Lowe, daughter of Terry and Bev LeBlanc, and sister to Matt and Jenn. She lives with her husband, Dan, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She studied History, Sociology, and Anthropology at the University of Winnipeg, obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in History in 2001. In 2008 she graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with her Masters of Divinity academic degree in Anthropology. She has contributed two articles to previous issues of the NAIITS journal, one documenting the history of NAIITS and the other examining and celebrating some traditions of hospitality within the Maori context in New Zealand and the First Nations context. She is currently preparing for Ph.D. work in Anthropology. Jeanine has been involved with the World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People’s movement for more than 10 years. She is one of the North American leadership team for iEmergence – an Indigenous youth movement.

Jeanine is passionate about indigenous education, particularly within the discipline of anthropology. She desires to explore how various anthropological tools might be used from an indigenous perspective, with indigenous communities helping direct the outcome of the research. She also desires to discover how indigenous theories and research methodologies, particularly among First Nations people, might offer a unique contribution to the field of anthropology.

Jeanine and Dan are active in the Edmonton community and among their church family.

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BA History (University of Winnipeg)
MDiv (Asbury Theological Seminary)
PhD cand. (University of Calgary)