Dr. R. Glenn Wooden

Payzant Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies
Director of master of Arts (Theology) Program
ADC Librarian
Liaison to Affiliated Colleges in Nigeria

Ph: 1-902-585-2227
Email: glenn.wooden@acadiau.ca
Office Number: Willett House Room 6

Glenn grew up in Saint John, NB. After completing grade 12 at Simonds Regional High School, he enrolled at Atlantic Baptist College in Moncton where he completed a diploma in biblical studies, and two years of arts courses. He also met his future wife, Darlene, there to whom he has been married since 1978. He completed his undergraduate work at Mount Allison University where he took an honours degree in Greek, then went on to Acadia Divinity College, where he completed his MDiv, and an MA in Old Testament studies.

During his MDiv, he was asked to teach introductory Hebrew, and the Greek, and has taught at the College since that time. At the request of ADC, he undertook a masters degree in library and information studies at Dalhousie University and then in 1991 he and his family moved to St. Andrews, Scotland, where he began doctoral studies. He returned to Acadia in 1993 to assume his position as a professor of biblical languages and as a librarian, and in 2003 he succeeded Dr. Timothy Ashley as the Professor of Old Testament Studies.

In his formative years, Glenn attended the Edith Avenue Baptist Church. He became a Christian in the summer of 1974 while at Camp Tulakadik on Cassidy Lake in New Brunswick. Since moving to the Annapolis Valley, he has pastored two congregations and now he and his family attend the Third Horton Baptist Church in Canaan where they live.

Glenn is married to Darlene (nee Harnish) and they have two children. Felicia lives in Apohoqui, New Brunswick, with her husband, Isaac Mercer, and son, James, and daughters, Geneva and Ivy; and Ryan lives in Hanstport, Nova Scotia, with his wife, Tracey (nee Merrill), and their son, Taygun, and daughter, Ada.

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BA (Hons) (Mount Allison University)
MDiv, MAT (Acadia University)
MLIS (Dalhousie University)
PhD (University of St. Andrews)

Meet Dr. Glenn Wooden