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Futuring Hub Scholarship

About Futuring Hub Scholarships

The Futuring Hub Scholarship Opportunity is seeking two students who are interested in the emerging field of Theological Futures Studies and exploring a specific topic related to the field of Theological Futures Studies in their Acadia  Master of Arts (Theology) thesis or project or their Acadia Doctor of Ministry thesis-project or portfolio-project.

Each Futuring Hub Scholarship (FHS) will cover the current tuition payable by the successful applicant (not including fees) for up to two twelve-month periods on the condition that the applicant is also a recipient of an ADC Entrance Scholarship or the Doctor of Ministry Scholarship (tuition reduction).

The deadline to apply for the twelve-month period beginning September 2023 or beginning January 2024 is Friday, May 26, 2023.

Successful applicants will help support the work of Acadia Divinity College Futuring Hub, an initiative of the Andrew D. MacRae Centre For Christian Faith and Culture. The Futures Hub is part of the Lilly Endowment Project for Tomorrow program focusing on conducting, gathering, and interpreting research on cultural trends, enabling the College, its students, and churches to make the most of future opportunities and respond well to emerging opportunities and challenges.

Summary of the Opportunity

Listed below are four proposed research projects, which outline emerging research areas of interest to the Futuring Hub. Applicants should discern which project is of interest to them or propose a personal research project. Successful scholarship applicants will be required to complete their academic work in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the College. Additionally, they will be expected to engage in their graduate (thesis, project, portfolio) with the specific focus related to the work of the Futuring Hub. This academic work will contribute to the ongoing research efforts of the hub and help to advance its mission of exploring and developing new approaches to the challenges facing the church today.

Successful applicants will be part of the Futuring Hub’s dynamic and highly collaborative research team and will experience a unique opportunity to disseminate and pursue independent research and explore a specific topic in depth, with the support and guidance of experienced faculty members and scholars. Recipient’s research thesis or project will be co-supervised by the Facilitator of Trend Research and Analysis and an ADC faculty member.

This scholarship is ideal for students who are passionate about theology and wish to make a meaningful contribution to the broad field of this subject and to the local Church. By encouraging focused and rigorous research, this scholarship aims to advance our understanding of the future of the Church, the field of Theological Futures Studies, and contribute to the greater work of the Futuring Hub and Acadia Divinity College.

Who May Apply

To be eligible to apply for a Futuring Hub Scholarship, applicants must fit the following criteria:

  • Be accepted and enrolled in a Master of Arts (Theology) or Doctor of Ministry program at Acadia Divinity College.
  • Have a high Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), normally a minimum of 3.50, from the most recently completed university degree.
  • Demonstrate a high level of critical and creative thinking and interest in the future of the Church.
  • Demonstrate ability to engage in rigorous academic research.
  • Ability to work independently and with a larger research team.

Scholarship Application Evaluation Criteria

To be eligible to apply for a Futuring Hub Scholarship, applicants must fit the following criteria:

Scholarship applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Strength of curiosity and interest in the future of Culture and the Church.
  • Clarity and quality of the proposal.
  • Clarity and appropriateness in adhering to the ethical considerations of the proposed research.
  • Demonstrated capacity to conduct the proposed program of research including academic qualifications and related experience.
  • Demonstrated capacity to articulate and connect research project to needs of local Church and Christian organizations.
  • Ability to think critically and theologically.
  • Preference will be given to full-time students (e.g., in a twelve-month period, a minimum of 18 credit hours for master-level students or a minimum of 9 credit hours for doctoral students).

Conditions and Considerations for Successful Applicants

  • Recipients must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.50 or higher. If the CGPA falls below 3.50, the Futuring Hub Scholarship may cease and may not be re-instated.
  • If the successful applicant is completing a one-year master-level program, the Futuring Hub Scholarship will be given only for one twelve-month period.
  • Futuring Hub Scholarships are offered to full-time students on the condition that the recipient is also a recipient of an ADC Entrance Scholarship or the Doctor of Ministry Scholarship (tuition discount).
  • All scholarships are applied directly to the student’s account and will be considered part of the financial aid received from ADC.
  • The amount of the Futuring Hub Scholarship will be reduced to the amount payable by the student, after applying the ADC Entrance Scholarship or the Doctor of Ministry Scholarship, as appropriate, and after the application of any other tuition discounts such as the seniors or ministry partner tuition discounts.
Joel Murphy
Facilitator of Trend Research & Analysis
PHONE: 902-585-2211EMAIL: joel.murphy@acadiau.ca
Application Deadline

May 26, 2023

Futuring Hub Scholarship Research Projects for 2023-2024

There are four projects connected to this scholarship. These projects cover a wide range of topics and have the potential to deepen our understanding of Theological Futures Research. The project topics will help guide and shape the academic work of successful scholarship applicants, however, students will be able to refine and incorporate their own insights and perspectives (with the guidance of a supervisor and Futuring Hub staff) into the project as well. These projects are meant to both support the academic pursuits and development of interested scholars and meaningful contributions to the ongoing work of the Futuring Hub.

We encourage you to read through each project and consider if they align with your personal and professional interests. Once you have reviewed the projects, we invite you to apply for this scholarship opportunity. This scholarship aims to support and recognize outstanding students who are passionate about theological thinking, the future of the church, and are committed to contributing to the field through their academic pursuits.

Applications for a Futuring Hub Scholarship are due by Friday, May 26, 2023.

Applications will be reviewed in early June 2023. Successful scholarship recipients will be notified by June 30, 2023. Up to two (2) Futuring Hub Scholarships will be awarded.

Project Title: Theological Reflection Approach for Futuring Research

Applicants will engage in a literature-based research project focusing on identifying and engaging the best methods of theological reflection for futures thinking. Resulting in a robust reflective/analysis approach to theologically engage with futures research data.

This project is relevant to individuals pursuing:

Project Title: Images of the Future Church: Ethnographic Experiential Futuring Research

Applicants will engage in a qualitative research project adopting methods from the Futures research approach known as Ethnographic Experiential Futures Studies. Students will perform qualitative interviews with the intention to identify ‘visions/images’ of the future Church as related to specific populations within the Church. Specific populations of interest for research are: Indigenous peoples, African Nova Scotians, Women, Youth and Children, or individuals who have a relationship with Jesus but who do not actively attend church. The population which this research focuses on will be determined by the successful applicant and the Facilitator of Trend Research and Analysis.

This project is relevant to individuals pursuing:

Project Title: Pastoral Leaders Futures Thinking

For this project, applicants will engage in a mixed method research project utilizing the popular futures studies method Delphi Panel. The focus of this research is to engage with pastoral leaders to understand what current trends and forces of changes they are experiencing in their local congregation and which trends most excite and/or concern them. Scholars will help to shape and adapt the Delphi method to one that is participatory and theologically informed. Successful recipients will lead the design and execution of online surveys, focus groups, research analysis, and other community-based research activities.

This project is relevant to individuals pursuing:


Project Title: Personal Research Topic

In this project, applicants are encouraged to submit a proposal outlining a topic/project related to Futures Theological Studies which is unique to them. When articulating your personal research idea please make sure to provide a clear and concise overview of your project and complete the additional form required for proposing a personal research topic.

This project is relevant to individuals pursuing:

Scholarship Application