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Save the Dates: East Coast Theology Summer School 2023

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We are thrilled to share more details for our East Coast Theology Summer School, taking place at Acadia Divinity College summer 2023.

Beginning with intensive courses in May, the East Coast Theology Summer School will culminate the week of June 13-15 with a series of special events: the Simpson Lectures, a celebration of East Coast Theology Volume One, alumni gatherings, and continuing education opportunities.

Mark your calendar, save the dates, and keep an eye on our website for details on how to register.

What is East Coast Theology?

East Coast Theology is a Theological Expression

Through the sharing of ideas, engaging with churches, and deepening our scholarship in this place we call home, we will write theology for this place and this time. This theological expression will discover what is unique about this place, allowing God to speak through His Word to where we are and what we’re doing here today. 

East Coast Theology is a Summer School

Events, seminars, and continuing education opportunities will engage issues that are important to Atlantic Canadians as we develop accessible theological reflection on what matters to us here. The Summer School will take a localized approach in training church leaders to express a Christian voice that is engaged with the world as we see it. 

East Coast Theology is a Publishing Project

Volume One is called ‘Pandemic, Public Health, and the People of God’ and will be a timely resource for anyone interested in how the church can be involved in public health. This volume arose in part out of the desire of Dr. Robert Strang, chief medical officer of Nova Scotia, to partner with the church and his heart for Christians to serve their own communities. Our professors will write the chapters, and Dr. Strang will write the foreword and afterword.

East Coast Theology is about what God’s Word is saying through our voice, our heartbeat, for our time. 

Jesus walks here through Mi’kma’ki and Africville, on the waters of the Bay of Fundy and in the mountains of Gros Morne. We follow him with the scent of salt on our clothes and earth on our fingers; through the pine forests of Miramichi and the bustling streets of Halifax. Jesus walks here. We follow him here. The Bible speaks to our experiences and nurtures our faith. Today we recognise that there is an Atlantic Canadian Voice that can engage the important issues here,
where sea meets land and sky.

Tuesday, June 13
Daytime (TBC)Pastoral Psychology Seminar 1Acadia Divinity College & Livestream
12:00pm LunchAcadia Divinity College
2:00pm Pastoral Psychology Seminar 2Acadia Divinity College & Livestream
3:00pm Pastoral Psychology Seminar 3Acadia Divinity College & Livestream
 7:00pmSimpson Lecture 1 with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
“The Challenge of White Christian Nationalism” 
Fountain Commons
& Livestream 
Wednesday, June 14
10:30am Worship Service with Jonathan Wilson-HartgroveFountain Commons
& Livestream 
 11:30am Friends & Alumni BrunchFountain Commons
 2:30pm MacRae Centre Red Sofa Conversation with Jonathan Wilson-HartgroveTBC
 4:00pmPreaching SeminarTBC
 7:00pmSimpson Lecture 2 with Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove
“The Christian Legacy of Moral Fusion” 
Fountain Commons
& Livestream
 Following the Simpson LectureEast Coast Kitchen PartyKCIC Gardens
Thursday, June 15
9:30am Seminar with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (Doctor of Ministry Students only) Acadia Divinity College
 2:00pmLaunch of East Coast Theology: Volume One with Dr. Robert Strang & Panel Discussion on the Church and Public Health Fountain Commons & Livestream
 3:30pmEast Coast Theology Volume One Seminar with ADC Faculty Acadia Divinity College & Livestream
 5:00pmEast Coast Theology: Volume One Celebration & BBQ Acadia Divinity College
 7:00pm Simpson Lecture 3 with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
“A Public Witness For Our Time” 
Fountain Commons
& Livestream 
More Details Coming Soon!

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