From The President

Welcome to Acadia Divinity College

In a world that is rapidly changing, the gospel remains ever relevant. As we seek to respond to cultural, environmental, and social shifts, we don’t change simply for the sake of change itself.

We change with purpose.

We need leaders to help us engage a complex world with good news. Acadia Divinity College equips you to respond to the call of God to make a difference where you are, by providing the fertile ground you need to grow effective ministry. We are located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, on the land of Mi’kma’ki, the traditional and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaw people. Here, the land, sea, and sky testify to the Creator’s goodness and generosity. We long to echo God’s provision, as we help you to be equipped with knowledge and skills for ministry now. Whether you come to campus or study from a distance, our courses will provide the seedbed out of which your practical ministry will grow.

Contemporary ministry requires deep understanding of the Bible and foundational Christian teaching, a recognition of the cultural trends that affect the life of the church, and wisdom to follow Jesus well in today’s context. Our faculty will help to equip you for this mission.

As the Faculty of Theology for Acadia University, the College embodies the biblical and theological heritage on which this leading and innovative public institution was founded. Our presence in a newly refurbished building on one of Canada’s most beautiful campuses reflects our commitment to excellence in higher learning, clearly engaged in the emerging issues of our time. Acadia Divinity College is a wonderful place to prepare to respond to Christ’s call to serve. Our vibrant faculty members are experts in their disciplines, firmly committed to the life of the church; our staff reflect passion and excellence for the work they do. We care about you as a person, your ministry call, and your spiritual formation. We help you to understand yourself better and know God more, so that you will develop a resilient life for your service to flourish.

Whether from a distance or on site, we invite you to be part of a community who will equip you to be ready to serve to today, and into the future. Come and see!