Acadia Divinity College is on the campus of one of Canada’s most creative and innovative universities, Acadia University. The biblical and theological foundations that gave rise to the formation of this University find their full expression through the College, the University’s Faculty of Theology.

This is an exciting time in our history.  All of the course descriptions have been revised with many new courses and degree programs having been added to the curriculum.  The new delivery system now makes theological education more accessible while continuing to emphasize excellence in all aspects of the training.  Because many of our students are currently engaged in ministry, this new approach has received wide approval.

The new curriculum emphasizes the formation of the person as well as providing the biblical, theological, historical, and practical foundation of the Christian faith and ministry.

Students in the Master of Arts are now provided opportunity to focus their research in Practical Theology, in addition to the more classical disciplines of Biblical Studies, Christian History, Theology, and Baptist Studies.

An increased number of lay persons are enrolling in courses to better equip themselves for their service in the church and community.  The emphasis of chaplaincy and spiritual care is also a renewed focus in our College and has received keen interest.

The Faculty and Staff of the College are interested in the development of Christian leaders who are committed to answering Christ’s call to discipleship and his commission to make disciples.  We invite you to join with us for an incredible journey of deepening your sense of call and being equipped to respond to Christ’s call to serve.

I would welcome the opportunity to interact with you.


Dr. Harry G. Gardner

President, Acadia Divinity College
Dean of Theology, Acadia University

Dr. Harry Gardner

President and Dean of Theology

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