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Each year, the Global Discipleship scholarship program, Praxis, is offered by Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) in conjunction with their three denominational seminaries, including ADC. In May 2023, five ADC students were accepted into Praxis which took place in Kenya where they learned how the Church and Christian organizations are addressing climate change and food security. This is a conversation with ADC Master of Divinity Student Alex McMorine about his experience in Kenya. 


What lead you to apply to Praxis?

A mentor who worked at Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) encouraged me to, and I was interested to go on a trip that was missional and educational. I believe in the importance of churches helping one another and was excited by the opportunity to participate in a global partnership. Christianity is a global movement, and I was excited to learn from my African brothers and sisters what the church is doing around the world.

Have you participated in similar experiences abroad?

As a teenager I went on a few mission trips with a church that had a partnership with orphanages in Mexico where we primarily focused on practical service. The difference with Praxis is the emphasis on education and learning from local experts. Praxis gives students not only the opportunity to serve, but also the opportunity to gain a non-Western perspective on the work of God and the church.

During the trip, how were your expectations met?

One of my goals going into the trip was to gain a more global perspective on Christianity and the issue of climate change. The way our instructors and partners thought about climate change and related their faith to climate change was quite different than the way we often do so in the West. I came away with a changed understanding of living sustainably as a Christian.

What had the greatest impact on you and your fellow classmates?

What made the trip so impactful for me, and I believe for my fellow students, was seeing things we learned in class put into practice and seeing the impact this had in the lives of local farmers. We learned about an approach to sustainable farming called Conservation Agriculture (CA), which boosts crop yields and fortifies the soil. Later, we visited farms that practiced  CA. The increased crop yields were staggering! This changed the lives of the farmers; the increased crop yields significantly increased their capacity to support their families.

Would you encourage others to apply to Praxis?

There is value in seeing how God and the church are at work in contexts other than your own. It gives students the opportunity to gain new perspectives and potentially have their own perspectives challenged. It also creates connections that can turn into ministry opportunities. The connections I made on this trip will stay with me for years to come.

Do you think it is important to be in partnership  with Canadian Baptist Ministries?

Yes. When seminaries partner with mission organizations, it provides students with global opportunities and perspectives. Christianity is, and has always been, a global, cross-cultural movement. Within decades of the founding of the church, Christianity was present on three continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa). If we want to understand the work of God and the work of the church, we need to engage with the global nature of Christianity. 


Images (left to right): 

  • Francis and Sarah are two of the farmers the students met while visiting in Embu, Kenya. Alex says: “They were proud to show off their corn, which they had grown using Conservation Agriculture.”
  • Alex says:  “[The Praxis group] were on one of the women’s properties, helping to build a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are a space-efficient way to grow vegetables, which supplement the diets of the farmers and their families.” The man in the blue polo shirt is a representative from Canada Foodgrains Bank and the man and two women in the yellow and green polo shirts are from African Christian Churches & Schools (the local denomination CBM partners with).
  • Two farmers working on vertical farming

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