Our Story

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Acadia Divinity College is to equip Christians to serve the mission of God in church and world with transformative impact.

Our Mission and Purpose

The mission of Acadia Divinity College is to equip Christians in diverse contexts with knowledge and skills to interpret the realities of life today in the light of God’s Word, to speak good news and act confidently with love and justice, and to serve the mission of God in church and world with transformative impact.

Acadia Divinity College equips people for Christian service. Students acquire excellence in academic studies, achieve competence in leadership, develop spiritual maturity in relationship with God and others, and gain confidence in sharing Christian faith in diverse contemporary contexts.

As Acadia Divinity College equips Christians to serve, we seek:

  1. To offer university-based, accredited instruction in the foundational theological disciplines and practice of ministry.
  2. To integrate spiritual, academic, and practice of ministry so that graduates make transformative impact on their churches and communities.
  3. To work in partnership with the church, in local, national, and global expressions and serve the mission of God in diverse contexts, beginning with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and the Atlantic region, and reaching beyond denominational and geographic limits.
  4. To provide opportunities for enhancement of theological understanding and professional competence in ministry for those involved in Christian service in various contexts, including facilitating life-long learning for Christian leaders.
  5. To develop biblically-rooted, and professionally competent servant-leaders who will make a positive impact on their churches and communities for the cause and mission of Christ.
  6. To encourage the personal and community formation of students so that they live and serve with Christian integrity.

Our Story

200+ Students | 10+ Countries | 20+ Denominations | 190+ Years

From our roots in the beginning of the 19th century, Acadia Divinity College has evolved in faith and changed with purpose. Our East Coast flavour of Theology continues to prepare strong, compassionate leaders to serve communities around the globe.

Our legacy is built on a deep foundation of Baptist faith:

The faith of the women who, in 1828, believed so strongly in the need for home-grown theological education they walked from the south shore of Nova Scotia to what’s now known as Wolfville to support the vision of a local college for young Christians.

The faith of the Atlantic Baptist leaders who dreamed of establishing a college with the mission to equip Christians for service, no matter their denomination.

And the faith of those first twenty-one students who forged a path for the hundreds of students who would come after them.

As the seminary of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) and the Faculty of Theology for Acadia University, ADC is built on the faith of countless individuals who have worked together to distinguish the college as a diverse, creative, and forward-thinking academic institution.

Offering full-time and part-time degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level, as well as continuing education programs, our students are challenged to cultivate their calling – whether in academia or vocational ministry – through rigorous intellectual instruction, meaningful spiritual formation, and practical ministry experience.

Our use of technology has unlocked a global community and created an environment of collaboration, transformation, and innovation. We’re re-imagining theological education by equipping the leaders of today to navigate the changes of tomorrow.

ADC is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

Land Acknowledgement

Acadia Divinity College recognizes that no building can exist without the land on which it rests to provide for, support, and uphold it. Prior to the founding of Acadia University, before the town of Wolfville, before the beginning of Nova Scotia, or the nation now known as Canada – this land was and still is Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaw people to whom the land was entrusted by the Creator. It is on this land that our building now rests.

Alongside Acadia University, we seek to walk in a good way with our Indigenous hosts, friends, and neighbours.