Refurbishing The Facility

We must maintain a highly functional facility to continue to provide students with excellent learning spaces and improved access through technology, as well as exposing them to the resources of a contemporary university setting. The current College building was constructed in 1970 and occupies a prime location on campus. It has served the College well for nearly 50 years, and now critical renovations must occur to sustain an effective presence on the campus of Acadia University.

Two detailed engineering reports have reached the same conclusion: the building needs significant refurbishment to keep it structurally sound and useful. This urgent requirement presents an opportunity to upgrade ADC for theological education for decades to come.

We need to renew the College building, to have a suitable and adequate facility for training the next generation for ministry.

Current Progress
  • Raised: $733,856
  • Pledged: $112,092
  • Additional Funds: $243,362
  • Remaining: $1,760,690
As of February 28, 2019
Goal: $2,850,000

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Planned Building Refurbishment

Refurbishment Progress Pictures

Building Refurbishment Video