Acadia Divinity College’s four strategic priorities were launched August 1, 2014, and ended March 31, 2019. This ambitious fundraising initiative was designed to strengthen the College’s core mission of equipping Christians to serve by increasing the endowments in targeted areas, as well as addressing significant capital.

Initially, an overall fundraising goal of $10,832,871 was set for the priorities. During the campaign period the scope of the building refurbishment project expanded significantly necessitating an increase of the overall goal to $12,182,873.

As of March 31, 2019, the College had secured $5,112,698 in gifts, pledges and operational funds towards the priorities, representing $41.9% of the updated fundraising goal.

Summary of Giving for Now More Than Ever

Fundraising Results

The College Building


We must maintain a highly functional facility to continue to provide students with excellent learning spaces and improved access through technology, as well as exposing them to the resources of a contemporary university setting.
We need to renew the College building, to have a suitable and adequate facility for training the next generation for ministry

  • Gifts and Pledges - $869,313
  • Additional Funds - $243,362
  • Remaining - $1,737,324

Key Academic Chairs


Theology made practical, relevant, and compelling for today’s culture requires the best faculty. We must continue to provide excellent teachers who understand the needs of the church. We need to increase our funding of these Chairs, enabling us to attract the best faculty in each of these disciplines.

The Abner J. Langley and Harold L. Mitton
Chair of Church Leadership
  • Gifts and Pledges - $21,529
  • Opening Funds - $505,929
  • Remaining - $1,972,543
The Sheldon and Marjorie Fountain
Chair of Evangelism and Mission
  • Gifts and Pledges - $200,150
  • Opening Funds - $435,519
  • Remaining - $1,864,331
The Thomas B. McDormand, Charles J. Taylor and Dennis M. Veinotte
Chair of Pastoral Care and Counselling
  • Gifts and Pledges - $81,920
  • Opening Funds - $140,668
  • Remaining - $2,277,411
The John Gladstone
Chair of Preaching and Worship
  • Gifts and Pledges - $1,601,220
  • Opening Funds - $1,085,013
  • Remaining - Goal Achieved!

Scholarships and Bursaries


Education is expensive.

We must remove financial barriers that prevent capable people from faithfully responding to God’s call. We need to strengthen the financial support we give to our students with increased scholarships and bursaries which means we need to add to our existing endowments.


Gifts and Pledges Received



Andrew D. MacRae Centre for Christian Faith and Culture


The church needs to respond to an ever-changing world.

We are called to help students, alumni, congregations, and others in ministry to navigate Christian life and thought through the complexities of today’s world.We need to create a Centre for Christian Faith and Culture to help Christians engage the world, and the world to engage Christian life and thought.


Gifts and Pledges Received