Partnership in Mentoring

There are several players on the mentored ministry team, whose roles are clarified by their function in formation. This mentoring mix invites deeper integration of the head, hands, and heart with Jesus or develops and connects beliefs, practices, and virtues.

First, Pastoral Mentors come alongside students on the journey to maturity in ministry for shared action and reflection. The Pastoral Mentors meet with students at least two times per month for focused feedback about “hands-on” ministry skill development.

Second, Congregational Mentors are a small group of three to five committed members within the church or ministry agency intended to provide encouragement and support to the student and evaluation of the student’s progress. This team will meet at least four times per year.

Third, we will strengthen mutual theological reflection through peer mentoring groups. Figuratively speaking, we’ll integrate the “head” with “hands-on” ministry as students think deeply about ministry and consider next steps. Such group reflection will occur once a month. 

Fourth, we will integrate mutual spiritual direction into field education through these same peer mentoring groups. Figuratively speaking, the “head” work of theological reflection and “hands-on” work of ministry activity integrates with the “heart” work of spiritual formation. We learn together to pay attention to the Spirit stirring within us and around us as we listen for the Lord’s leading. Such mutual spiritual direction will occur once a month in peer groups.