Mentored Ministry Preaching Feedback Form

Mentored Ministry Preaching Feedback Form

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Focused Feedback on Preaching Progress

Use the scale below to evaluate the student's competency in each area or amount of progress for skill development. If not applicable, skip the line.
  1. Very Poor, Far Below Requirements, or Minimal Development
  2. Poor, Below Requirements, or Partial Development
  3. Average, Meets Requirements, or Typical/Usual Development
  4. Good, Above Average Requirements, Substantial Development
  5. Excellent, Far Above Requirements, or Exceptional Development (beyond normal expectations for a student).
This process for progress is similar to the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition moving from novice to advanced beginner to competent to proficient to expert, with expertise more about excellence and maturity than mastery in ministry.


1. The sermon clearly explained the meaning of the Scripture text.(Required)
2. The beginning caught the interest of the congregation to keep listening.(Required)
3. The sermon flowed well, with clear movement that was easy to follow.(Required)
4. The illustrations were appropriate to the sermon and context.(Required)
5. The conclusion was effective.(Required)
6. The sermon inspired people to walk more faithfully with Jesus.(Required)
7. The sermon motivated people to a stronger, deeper Christian faith.(Required)
8. The sermon helped us to more deeply experience God through the Spirit.(Required)
9. The preacher had appropriate vocal variety (volume, pace, pitch, etc.)(Required)
10. The sermon communicated a message to people of diverse backgrounds.(Required)
11. The sermon was an appropriate length for the audience and occasion.(Required)
12. The preacher connected well with the audience.(Required)