Leadership & Spiritual Formation

Personal spiritual formation is at the heart of those in Christian leadership. At ADC we emphasize the exploration of identity, self-understanding, and personal growth so you will not only understand your own spiritual formation but also the spiritual formation in others.

Whether you are called to serve in rural or urban settings, through a specialization in Leadership and Spiritual Formation, you will be equipped with the skills to develop and lead vibrant ministries that have a significant social impact on the community.

In small group settings you will model the discipling of others and the cultivating of spiritual formation in a church. You will also have the opportunity to visit churches, observe ministries, and engage with pastors who are leading change in their communities.

The Charles J. Taylor Centre for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care, a centre of excellence at ADC, fosters and promotes clinical and theological excellence in Pastoral Care through personal growth, the building of professional capacities and rigorous theological reflection.

For admission requirements and tuition information visit the Master of Divinity page.

Meet Dr. John McNally
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Program Overview

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
IDTH 5010OrientationPass / Fail
Biblical Studies
BIBL 5023Interpreting the Old Testament3
BIBL 5033Interpreting the New Testament3
GREE 5013Foundations of New Testament Greek3
HEBR 5013Foundations of Biblical Hebrew3
BIBL (elective)Biblical Studies elective (Old Testament)3
BIBL (elective)Biblical Studies elective (New Testament)3
BIBL (elective)Biblical Studies elective (Old or New Testament)3
Christian Thought
CHUR 5013Introduction to Christian History3
THEO 5013Christian Theology 13
THEO 5023Christian Theology 23
THEO 6013Christian Ethics3
THEO 7113Christian Theology in a Pluralistic Context3
CHUR (elective)Christian History elective3
CHUR or THEOChristian History elective or Theology elective3
Ministry Core
DISP 5013Transformational Discipleship Ministry3
EVAN 5013Evangelism and Mission in Contemporary Society3
LEDR 5113Theology and Practice of Racial Justice3
PACC 5013Pastoral Care Interventions3
PACC 5043Pastoral Care Skills3
PAST 5053Preaching as a Practice and the Practice of Preaching3
PAST 5063Christian Worship…Now3
PAST 6053Creative Preaching: Beyond the ‘Big Idea’3
PAST 7013Mentored Ministry 13
PAST 7023Mentored Ministry 23
SPFM 5013Christian Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders3
Area of Specialization
LEDR ElectiveLeadership Elective3
LEDR ElectiveLeadership Elective3
SPFM ElectiveSpiritual Formation Elective3
SPFM ElectiveSpiritual Formation Elective3
Total Credit Hours90

  1. Students with previous equivalent academic credit may apply for advanced standing in the same general area (i.e. Biblical Studies, Christian Thought, or Ministry).
  2. Those seeking ordination within a Baptist context take Baptist Identity (CHUR 6013). Those seeking ordination within another denominational family should contact the Academic Dean regarding a Directed Study or alternate option for meeting denominational studies requirements within their tradition.