Prison Chaplaincy

Those who are called to minister to persons who are incarcerated, or to ex-offenders in the community, require specialized training.   

At Acadia Divinity College we provide you with an understanding of the effect of guilt, grief, and shame in the prisoner’s life. You will also be equipped with approaches to pastoral counselling and the development of chaplaincy programs. Through supervised chaplaincy experience and instruction, you will complete one unit towards the requirements for Clinical Pastoral Education certification. 

In addition to two practicums of mentored prison ministry experiences in an approved setting, you will have the opportunity to participate in Kairos Marathons, a spiritual and therapeutic circle experience with inmates at the Correctional Service of Canada’s (CSC) Springhill Institution . Kairos Marathons create an environment of trust and openness where both inmates and volunteers discover God’s healing for their deep wounds and forgiveness for their wrongful actions.  

The Kairos Marathons are organized by Concilio Prison Ministry (Concilio), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to prisoners and families during incarceration and after release. Concilio was also founded on the professional and spiritual legacy of the late Rev. Dr. Charles J. Taylor, faculty member at ADC from 1953 to 2003. 

For admission requirements and tuition information visit the Master of Arts (Theology) page.

Program Overview

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
IDTH 5010OrientationPass / Fail
Biblical Studies
BIBL 5023Interpreting the Old Testament3
BIBL 5033Interpreting the New Testament3
BIBL (elective)Biblical Studies (New Testament) elective3
BIBL (elective)Biblical Studies (Old Testament) elective3
Christian Thought
CHUR 5013Introduction to Christian History3
THEO 5013Christian Theology 13
THEO 5023Christian Theology 23
THEO 7113Christian Theology in a Pluralistic Context3
THEO 6013Christian Ethics3
Prison Chaplaincy Specialization
CHAP 5033Introduction to Prison Ministry3
CHAP 5023Introduction to Chaplaincy3
CHAP 6013Professional and Personal Ethics3
CHAP 7103Prison Ministry Practicum 13
CHAP 7113Prison Ministry Practicum 23
CHAP 7016Clinical Pastoral Education 16
PACC (elective)Pastoral Care and Counselling elective3
PACC (elective)Pastoral Care and Counselling elective3
Biblical Studies, Christian Thought, or Ministry Elective1
 Total Credit Hours60

  1. Survey of the Bible (BIBL 5013) required if Bible Knowledge Exam is not passed.