Christian History

The Master of Arts (Theology) with a concentration in Christian History provides a path of advanced study of the history and impact of the church locally and globally, often in preparation for doctoral studies. This concentration will introduce students to the academic field of study, provide opportunity for advanced research in particular sub-fields, and work towards advanced research and writing, culminating in a written thesis.

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Meet Rev. Dr. Melody Maxwell
Associate Professor of Church History

Program Overview

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
IDTH 5010OrientationPass / Fail
IDTH 7813Graduate Seminar3
Biblical Studies
BIBL 5023Interpreting the Old Testament3
BIBL 5033Interpreting the New Testament3
BIBL 5013 or BIBL (elective)Survey of the Bible1 or Biblical Studies elective3
Christian Thought
CHUR 5013Introduction to Christian History3
THEO 5013Christian Theology 13
THEO 5023Christian Theology 23
Christian History Specialization2
CHUR 7613Guided Reading in Christian History 13
CHUR 7623Guided Reading in Christian History 23
CHUR (elective)Christian History elective3
CHUR (elective)Christian History elective3
CHUR (elective)Christian History elective3
CHUR (elective)Christian History elective3
THEO (elective)Theology elective3
THEO (elective)Theology elective3
CHUR 7916, 7926Thesis6,6
 Total Credit Hours60

  1. Survey of the Bible (BIBL 5013) required if Bible Knowledge Exam is not passed.
  2. Electives to be chosen in consultation with the supervisor.