Living With/out Transcendence? A Theist Atheist Encounter

Dr. Anna Robbins, Dean of Theology and Dr. Paul Abela, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Acadia University engaged in a third “Theist/Atheist Encounter” sharing their views on living with and without transcendence. Moderated by Dr. Dale Keefe, Provost and Vice-President Academic, they presented and debated the theist’s experience of the richness of living in the understanding that we are at home in God’s natural world and the contrasting atheist view that life derives its meaning not in the belief of an afterlife but rather in the humanism of a shared condition that is in caring solidarity with our fellow citizens.

Dr. Paul Abela holds a PhD from Oxford University and specializes in the area of the enlightenment. He has published and presented on issues that arise from the productive tension between religion and contemporary atheism.

Dr. Anna Robbins is the Dean of Theology at Acadia University and serves as the President of Acadia Divinity College. She holds PhD in Theology and Social Ethics from the University of Wales and both publishes and speaks widely on matters of Christian faith in contemporary Western context.

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