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Current MDiv student Julianna Hisey reflects on her journey from the Crandall-Acadia Partnership to the Master of Divinity program 

Time to Recharge  

On May 4, 2019 I graduated from Crandall University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Honours and Youth Leadership Certificate. A week later I graduated from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Theology from ADC.  

After two degrees, an honours thesis, and a youth leadership certificate, by the time I walked across the stage I knew I needed a break from school. I needed a break from reading, writing, and studying. So, for two years I worked at Crandall University in the Advancement department and continued to serve in a variety of ministries in my home church.  

But in February 2021 I felt the call to go back to school – specifically to move to Wolfville and go back to ADC to work towards a Master of Divinity 

Beyond Expectation  

Unlike most, I did not consider another divinity school – I only looked into studying at ADC. I liked that it is close to home, that I knew some of the professors and staff, and that I would get some advance standing because of my BTh.  

But I didn’t realize how different the experience would be from my expectations.  

When I applied for this degree, I thought I had some idea of what the ADC experience would be. What I now realize is that my undergrad experience as a Crandall- Acadia Partnership student was unique. I did not have a typical Crandall student experience, and I certainly did not have the typical ADC student experience.

As a Crandall and Acadia student I had classes, experiences, resources, and built friendships I would not have had the opportunity to without the BTh. But through the nature of the program, I spent more time within the Crandall community than the Acadia community.

Community and Expertise  

Since beginning my MDiv, the community at ADC has been more welcoming, inclusive, and caring than I could have imagined. While studying on campus, you are in an environment where, if you are around the building even a little bit outside of your classes, you can’t help but get to know people.  

In my undergrad I had the pleasure of having a handful of classes with some of the ADC faculty, but that did not even begin to scratch the surface of the depth of committed, qualified, and caring faculty and staff that serve at ADC. They teach their classes with passion for the content and are experts in their field. They care and connect with students on a personal level, checking in on us to see how we are doing throughout the semester.  

Next Steps  

For those who have done the Crandall-Acadia Partnership and are considering pursuing further studies, there is a so much more to discover with ADC than you might expect. 

Since starting the MDiv program most people assume that I have felt called to ordination and full-time pastoral ministry. The truth is that as I write this, I have not felt that calling. I felt a push to go back to school, and to do this degree, but I am still trying to discern why I am here and what will come next for me.  

As I wait patiently (or not so patiently at times) I have appreciated the variety of courses I have been able to take at ADC to learn more and to gain practical skills in a variety of areas. And, in the few short months that I have been here, I have had assumptions challenged, my beliefs expanded, and I have developed a deeper appreciation for the richness and complexities of Biblical studies.  

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Julianna Hisey grew up in Moncton and attended Crandall University and Acadia Divinity College, where she studied sociology, youth leadership, and theology. After receiving two degrees through the Crandall-Acadia Partnership program, Julianna spent the following two years working for Crandall University and serving her church in a variety of youth and children’s ministries. In 2021, she moved to Wolfville to work towards her Master of Divinity at Acadia Divinity College. When she’s not studying, Julianna likes to spend time with her friends and family. 
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