Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree

Honorary Doctorate Guidelines

An Honorary Doctorate is an honour bestowed by Acadia University and is intended to recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the academy and/or society and whose accomplishments, leadership, and/or community service are deemed to be extraordinary and thus worthy of honoris causa – “for the sake of the honour”.

Criteria & Conditions of Eligibility

Acadia University seeks to honour individuals whose contributions or accomplishments are exceptional and reflect an appropriate standard of excellence, consistent with the values and the spirit of the University. Please note, once received, nominations are considered for 3 consecutive years.

The criteria to be considered include:

  • Recognition as exceptional scholars or leaders in their field.
  • A demonstrated commitment to Higher Education.
  • Individuals who are known for their humanitarian leadership.
  • A significant contribution to the local region.
  • Exceptional service to the University.

Please note that not all the criteria must be met, but at least one and preferably more than one should be addressed in the nomination.

Nominations for an Honorary Doctor of Divinity will not normally be considered for an individual who is currently:

  • a member of federal parliament or provincial legislatures
  • a member of the Acadia University Board of Governors
  • a member of the Acadia Divinity College Board of Trustees
  • a member of the Acadia University faculty and staff
  • a member of the Acadia Divinity College faculty and staff
2023 Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree Recipient
Dr. David Mensah (’84)
Nominating Procedures

You are invited to submit for consideration names of those individuals worthy of an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. Any person or group may nominate an individual for this award.

  1. Nomination materials should include:
    • a letter of nomination from the nominator
    • a brief statement (one-page maximum) explaining why the candidate is worthy of an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from Acadia University
    • an up-to-date curriculum vitae of the nominee
  2. Nominations are to be received at the Office of the President of Acadia Divinity College by November 15 of each year.

Eveline DeSchiffart
Senior Executive Assistant to the President
Secretary to the Board of Trustees

15 University Avenue
Wolfville NS B4P 2R6

Selection Process

All nominations will be reviewed by the Senate of Acadia Divinity College.

The Senate of Acadia Divinity College may decide to:

  • Recommend the nomination.
  • Carry the nomination forward for consideration in the following year.  No nomination will be carried forward for more than a total of two years.
  • Seek additional information from the nominator in which case the nomination may be held over for further consideration.
  • Not recommend the nomination in which case no further action is taken.
Eveline DeSchiffart
Senior Executive Assistant to the President
PHONE: 1-902-585-2213EMAIL: eveline.deschiffart@acadiau.ca