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Watch the Hayward Lectures 2020

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Despite the constrictions under COVID-19, The ADC community was able to virtually welcome Dr. Christopher Wright for the 2020 Hayward Lectures. Over 400 individuals connected each evening to listen to the three lectures on the theme of “The Great Story and the Great Commission: How a Missional Hermeneutic of Scripture Shapes our Mission of Building the Church, Serving Society, and Stewarding Creation.” This particular year was highly accessible, as people have come to expect from Dr. Wright. The first lecture gave a wonderful presentation of the entire biblical story, helping us to read all of the scriptures as the whole mission of God. The second evening focused on the centrality of the Gospel for the mission of the church today. The final lecture focused on creation care, recognizing that the good news is for all of creation. Over the past number of years, we have begun to integrate a MacRae Centre Red Couch conversation, which this year also took place, albeit over Zoom. This conversation, in addition to the Q & R after each lecture, made for a very engaging event.

Watch Lectures

Lecture 1

Reading the Whole Bible as the Mission of God

Lecture 2

Integral Mission and the Centrality of the Gospel

Lecture 3

The Goodness, the Glory and the Goal of Creation

Red Sofa Conversation

Hosted by Dr. Anna Robbins

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