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Give with Purpose

Ministry in Atlantic Canada can be tough. The challenges our pastors and churches face are not exclusive to us, but they are uniquely shaped and nuanced by our local context. Ministering effectively requires a deep understanding of this place and time, as well as the theological skills to think critically and deeply.

Acadia Divinity College (ADC) is committed to making a fresh impact on issues that are important to life in Atlantic Canada by offering an informed voice from our own perspective. As part of our strategic vision Change with Purpose, ADC is launching a new series of books entitled East Coast Theology. This communal publishing project by our faculty focuses on relevant issues shaped by our people, culture, and history. It is a project to collectively discover and shape a theology, one that will seek to inspire, encourage, and challenge the way we approach ministry, both here and elsewhere.

In addition to the wide impact this publication will have, East Coast Theology will provide an innovative seedbed for our students’ own learning. Wrestling with these issues will expose our students to new ideas and demonstrate how to think theologically in a unique context. This new resource will also aid ADC as in the development of our curriculum for future students.

Work on the first book in the series has already begun. Our dream is to have this publication be part of the regular ongoing ministry of ADC. I invite you to join me in resourcing and shaping the church, both on the East Coast and beyond.


Dr. Anna Robbins

President, Acadia Divinity College
Dean of Theology, Acadia University

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