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Four New Scholarships Established by David and Faye Huestis

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Four new scholarships have been established at Acadia Divinity College through a generous donation by David (Acadia ’63) and Faye Huestis of Saint John, New Brunswick. Mr. Huestis stated, “The world needs Acadia Divinity College now, more than any other time before in history. With your message of hope, forgiveness, and love, you are a shining beacon, helping people use their God-given talents to make today and tomorrow’s world a better place.”

These scholarships were announced at a luncheon on October 11, 2018, in the Clark Commons, Acadia University where gratitude was expressed for the lives and ministries of Rev. Dr. G. Keith Churchill (Acadia ’61) and Rev. Dr. Dennis M. Veinotte (Acadia ’59, ’62, ’80).

Rev. Dr. Dennis M. Veinotte
Rev. Dr. G. Keith Churchill

As a Minister, Keith was an excellent speaker who always had a strong message,” remarked Mr. Huestis. “Faye and I trust that future recipients of the G. Keith Churchill Scholarship of Worship strive for Keith’s excellence in church leadership.”  In response, Mrs. Joan Churchill, widow of the late Keith Churchill, said, “Today, David and Faye, you have placed a living memorial to Keith that will further mark the journey of this God-honouring man.”

Faye Huestis presented Joan A. Churchill with a lovely bouquet of flowers and remarked, “Joan, you were a big part of Keith’s ministry.  You shared your total support and talents unselfishly. Plus you are a very dear friend!  We love you.  Thank you for being our friend.”

Mr. Huestis also stated, “Dennis [Veinotte] was a very special person.  Our hope is that future recipients of the Dennis M. Veinotte Scholarship of Pastoral Counselling and Hospital Chaplaincy strive to emulate Dennis’s genuine love and deep and abiding concern for others.” Mrs. Connie Veinotte, in response, said, “I am especially moved by the naming of a scholarship for Dennis, perpetuating his memory at the College where he poured his heart and soul into Clinical Pastoral Education.”

Faye Huestis presented Connie Veinotte with a lovely bouquet of flowers and remarked, “Connie, not only were you a big support in Dennis’s ministry but in his later years, you were his ‘support life line’. Dennis, on many occasions, was very quick to acknowledge this to us.  Your love for Dennis was very strong. We love you.  Thank you for being our friend.”

Memories of these two exceptional Christian leaders through biographies were read by Rev. Dr. Carol Anne Janzen (Acadia ’71, ’95) and Mr. George Lohnes QC, and favourite hymns were sung by Mr. Barry Snodgrass of Saint John, New Brunswick, accompanied by Anne Huestis Scott (Acadia ’67).

As the close of the event, Mr. Huestis had a surprise announcement, “Faye and I have been so impressed with Acadia Divinity College; we have decided to establish two more scholarships.”  Mr. Huestis said, “It is important that institutions where Christians are trained for ministry maintain high standards of ministerial integrity, preparedness, organizational skills, and passion.  Dr. Gardner is wonderfully gifted in these key areas, and we are delighted to name the third scholarship, the Harry G. Gardner Scholarship.” The fourth scholarship announced will honour a woman whose leadership has affected the ministries of the church. It is anticipated that each scholarship will yield between $6,000 and $7,500 per year.

Rev. Dr. Harry G. Gardner, President of Acadia Divinity College, remarked “I deeply appreciate David and Faye’s generosity and kindness shown to the students of the College, and to me personally.”

Rev. Edward (Ted) Britten (Acadia ’61, ’64), who offered the Table Grace, stated, “David and Faye have demonstrated in act and deed what it is to honour good friends. Through these gifts, the witness of these leaders will be extended into the future through the training of ministerial students.”

The Acadia community has further benefited from the generosity of David and Faye Huestis. On October 10, 2018, Acadia University celebrated the creation of the Greg Sommerville Award in Innovation and the opening of The David Huestis Innovation Pavilion.

Mr. Tom Rice (Acadia ’79), Trustee of Acadia Divinity College, reflected on these recent donations to Acadia, “David and Faye have a deep desire to share their success with the broader community.” Quoting from Psalm 112, “They share freely and give generously to those in need.” 

Click here to access the luncheon program and full biographies of Keith Churchill, Dennis Veinotte, and David and Faye Huestis.

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