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2021 Hayward Lectures – The Ethics of Nostalgia

October 4, 2021 - October 6, 2021

In these lectures Dr. Anna Robbins will introduce the topic of nostalgia as a cross-discipline, highlight its significance in contemporary culture, and explore the impact of nostalgia on some key aspects of Christian ethics. We will consider the dystopian displacement of the church in culture; the impact of nostalgia on agency and responsibility; and how our view of the nostalgic future impacts our moral formation and actions.

About the Hayward Lectures

Established and endowed in 1964 by Mrs. C. C. Hayward of Wolfville, the Hayward Lectures provide academic dialogue in order to stimulate critical engagement and reflection on key and emerging ideas in Church History, Christian Theology, and Biblical Studies.

Under the leadership of Dr. Danny Zacharias, the Hayward Lectures advances its vision by inviting world-class scholars to Acadia in the aforementioned disciplines to address the community each October on their freshest work and emerging or disruptive ideas in the formats of lecture, conversation, and writing.

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Lecture 1 – Nostalgia and Displacement: Searching for Home in Dystopia

Lecture 2 – The Nostalgic Agent: Responsibility and Restoration

Lecture 3 – Going Home: Christian Ethics and the Nostalgic Future

About Dr. Anna Robbins

Dr. Anna Robbins is a Christian theologian, ethicist, and apologist, and serves as the president of Acadia Divinity College. She is a visionary leader committed to serve the mission of the church locally and globally, with faithful integrity that applies the gospel to real-life issues and relationships with justice, innovation, academic rigour, and joyful expectation.

With an international profile in her fields of research, Dr. Robbins is a strategic thinker, passionate educator, and committed scholar. For 20 years, she has been sought after as a leader, consultant, speaker, and teacher to inspire initiative, develop strategy, and help Christians to engage the world from the perspective of biblical faith.

Her most recent publications include “Putting the Dissidence back into Dissent: Recovering the Roots of Baptist Activism through Understanding the Separation of Church and State in Canada Today” (Gaspereau Press, 2020) and “The Mission of the Seminary in the Age of Nostalgia”, an award-winning article for In Trust Magazine (Summer 2020).