East Coast Theology Publication

East Coast Theology: Volume One
“Pandemic, Public Health,
and the People of God”

In this issue:

As we continue to navigate the realities and reflect on the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Volume One of East Coast Theology is a timely resource for anyone interested in how the church can be involved in public health.

This volume arose in part out of the desire of Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Nova Scotia, to partner with the church, and his heart for Christians to serve in their own communities in partnership with health leaders. We are delighted that Dr. Strang was a collaborator on this project by writing the foreword and afterword of this volume.

Each chapter of the book was written by ADC faculty, with topics including: what the Bible says about health and justice, theological reflections related to community health, and practical ideas about how churches can partner with others for public health.

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Download the free discussion guide for use with your church, small group, book club, or on your own. Five to seven questions are provided for each chapter of the book. We hope that this discussion guide helps you develop theological reflections and practical ideas for ministering through health care.