Hear Mary & Bill’s Story

Rev. Dr. Dorothy Hunse, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care at Acadia Divinity College, met Mary and Bill while serving as a chaplain in the hospice. Dorothy listened.  She sat. She prayed. She shared their pain, anger, fear and sense of powerlessness.  When they asked questions like “Why is God allowing my wife to suffer?” Dorothy was there, not just to provide answers but to bring the comfort of Christ at a critical time in their lives.

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Thank you for helping Acadia Divinity College provide the education and training in the area of Pastoral Care.

We are also very grateful for The Beatty Ryckman Trust’s substantial pledge of $20,000 per year for five years to support the salary of the Professor of Pastoral Care. Their support enabled the College to recently appoint Rev. Dr. Dorothy Hunse as Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care.

In addition, The Beatty Ryckman Trust also offered an additional $30,000 per year for five years to match donations made by others. We are very encouraged by the Beatty Ryckman Trust’s willingness to partner with the College to fund the full-time salary of the Professor of Pastoral Care.

Please join us, and the Beatty Ryckman Trust, in supporting this valuable ministry. Gifts made towards the Professor of Pastoral Care will double the impact of your gift, and provide a powerful investment in the mission of the College.

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