One year ago, we faced the startling news that a global pandemic was spreading across the world. As COVID-19 escalated, Acadia Divinity College quickly realized that we must respond rapidly with innovative changes in our teaching and our work.  Because of your faithful support, ADC was ready to meet the challenge.

“We were well-positioned to shift all our courses fully online this year,” says Rev. Dr. Stephen McMullin, Academic Dean. “The significant investment made by our supporters meant we had the necessary equipment and experience to respond in flexible and innovative ways.” With a strong foundation already established in classroom technology, the faculty focussed their efforts on innovating and implementing fresh methods for teaching effectively online. Our readiness has served our students well.

Katie Pezzutto, a first-year Master of Arts (Theology) student from Lethbridge, Alberta, is one of more than 200 students from across Canada and around the world who have expressed their confidence in our ability to provide high-quality theological education during these uncertain times. “I chose Acadia because I sensed something different about it,” she said. “I never took an online course before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Starting from the very first day of online orientation, the experience has been incredible. I’ve felt cared for and part of a community, even while studying from a distance.”

The financial assistance I’ve received at Acadia Divinity College has been a significant help to my emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Thank you for supporting ADC. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Your generosity makes a real difference to students like me.

Katie Pezzutto
Lethbridge, Alberta
First-Year Master of Arts (Theology) Student

When people everywhere were forced to respond quickly to a dynamic global situation, your seminary was ready. Being ready meant we were in a position to innovate in a crisis and encourage other Christian leaders. With your support and the Spirit’s leading, we will continue to be prepared for a post-pandemic world.

Please give to support the work of ADC as we equip Christians to serve God’s mission
with transformative impact in these ever-changing times.

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