In tough times, the Bible reminds us who we are, and who God is.
The ability to interpret the biblical text is essential to build faith, remind people of God’s loving presence, and echo Christ’s call to follow him through the trials of life.

With your help we can:
teach students how to interpret the Bible well for today’s world
equip students to teach the Bible clearly in their contexts
encourage biblical spiritual formation of students, and the College as a community

“My life has been changed because of the Christian leaders who have studied at Acadia Divinity College (ADC).  Like these leaders, I too wanted to study at a college that was committed to understanding Scripture and applying biblical knowledge, so that I could impact the life and ministry of the church and the world in which we live.

Studying at Acadia has given me a firm biblical foundation, so I am equipped and empowered to minister to others.  I believe the Word of God transforms lives for the glory of God.”

Rev. Andrea Anderson
Assistant Pastor of Leadership and Administration

EBC: The MEETing Place
Upper Hammonds Plains, NS

At Acadia Divinity College, we believe in the need to read the Bible and apply it to life, wrestling both with the questions the text brings to culture, and those the culture brings to the text.

In a world where Scripture is misunderstood, misused, and abused, Christian leaders must be equipped to interpret and communicate it well.  “It’s been my long-standing passion to know the Bible in depth, and to teach it in a way that is applicable to the Church,” says Dr. Glenn Wooden, who teaches Old Testament Studies with the aim of helping students develop a deeper understanding of the Bible. Students also cultivate a love for the Word of God on a personal level. Dr. Danny Zacharias, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, says it best, “A love of Scripture is going to fuel your ministry and your character. I want people to delight in God’s Word so that it sustains them for life, but also fuels their passion for ministry.”

Dr. Danny Zacharias
Associate Professor of New Testament Studies

Dr. Glenn Wooden
Payzant Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies

“My education at Acadia Divinity College played an integral role in my spiritual formation.  ADC’s faithfulness to Scripture provided the underpinning to not only develop and sustain my personal spiritual life, but also provided solid direction for leading a very diverse congregation. 

 I am thankful for the experience of attending a school committed to the development of deep biblical faith that is willing to “put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch”, as Jesus said to do. (Luke 5:4)”

Rev. Craig Woodcock
Senior Pastor

Woodstock Baptist Church
Woodstock, NB

At ADC, we see the impact of the Scriptures on those studying for ministry. We see the change in students as they grapple with what the Bible is, and how it is relevant to this world. When they serve the church, they do so with confidence in the message of the Bible, and a knowledge of how to use it well, no matter what comes.

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