Why Choose the Acadia DMin Experience?

Affordability: We understand the pressures on family finances in ministry homes. We do all that we can to keep your tuition low and to provide generous scholarship support to help you achieve your doctoral degree.

Flexibility:  By offering you the opportunity to take up to two Directed Studies, you can focus your studies in an area of personal interest. Your supervisor for such Directed Studies and your thesis could be from within the Acadia faculty, from your denominational context or another scholar/practitioner located anywhere in the world. In addition, you can talk with the DMin Team when significant life or ministry changes mean you need a little flexibility and grace in tailoring the pace of your program.

Priority: We have great respect for Scripture and theology and view them as foundational to all we do in life and ministry. We require all DMin students to take two courses in Biblical Studies and two courses in Theology. We believe that such study at a high level is essential for doctoral studies in the practice of ministry.

Diversity:  ­Our student body and faculty represents more than 20 denominations and many different ministry vocations. Students from across Canada, the US, and several other countries choose to study at Acadia, and they feel welcome here. At Acadia, you will build friendships with instructors and fellow students from a variety of backgrounds, which will enrich your collegial learning experience.

Quality: We have excellent instructors with a concern for both academic rigour and applied research. Through our courses, we will challenge you to combine substantial, intellectual depth with study that is practical and useful in your life and ministry.

Vitality: We value both personal renewal and missional engagement. At Acadia, you have the opportunity to strengthen your spirituality and discipleship through a spiritual formation elective, weekly chapels, class prayer times as well as through the mentorship of a seasoned ministry mentor. If you desire to study in an environment that supports creative, fresh approaches to Gospel ministry for advancing God’s kingdom today, you will feel at home at Acadia.

Accessibility: Wolfville, just an hour from Halifax Stanfield Airport, is an easy location to access international flights. Halifax has frequent connections with London, Boston, New York, Chicago, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and a host of other major centres.

University: As a seminary affiliated with one of Canada’s most acclaimed universities, you can earn a degree your peers and your family will respect. Through our many electronic library databases, journals, books, and partnerships with other major libraries across Canada and beyond, you can access hundred of thousands of resources from wherever you live. This academic setting strengthens research and writing skills, so that you can apply them to your unique context.

“The discipline of reading and writing that an Acadia DMin requires shaped my understanding of issues we were facing, which influenced how we developed our ministry to the refugees. By exposing us to world-class faculty and students with a wide range of experience, the DMin deepened and strengthened my ability to provide strategic leadership, to teach, and to equip church leaders in the areas we work in.”

– Rupen Das

Global Field Staff with Canadian Baptist Ministries based in Amsterdam

Program Overview

Total Credit Hours 43
Course Term Class Time Course Number Credit Hours
Year One
DMIN Writing and Research Fall 1 Week DMIN 8113 3
Ministry Elective Fall 1 Week DMIN 8XXX 3
Ministry Mentoring and Reflection Nine months;
Spring or Fall start
No class time required DMIN 8123 3
Biblical Studies Elective Spring 1 Week DMIN 82XX 3
Theology Elective Spring 1 Week DMIN 83XX 3
Year Two
 Ministry Elective Fall  1 week  DMIN 8XXX 3
 DDS  Winter  At Home DMIN 8XXX 3
Biblical Studies Elective Spring 1 week DMIN 82XX 3
Theology Elective Spring 1 week DMIN 83XX 3
Year Three
Candidacy Evaluation Fall or Spring No class time required. Travel may be required. DMIN 8133 3
Year Four
            Thesis-Project On-going No class time required. Travel for defence required. DMIN 8616 12
DMin 8626


One of the most enriching aspects of the Acadia DMin is the opportunity to engage in significant research in a specific area of interest. Since the DMin is an in-ministry degree in the field of ministry, your thesis will focus on an area of practical ministry. Virtually any area of interest within the field of Christian ministry can be accommodated.


The Course Experience

With the exception of study tours and courses offered internationally, all courses are offered on the main campus of Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Courses are generally held from Monday to Friday and meet during the mornings and afternoons.

We want your on-campus experience to be about more than just gaining academic knowledge. We want you to leave feeling stretched but also refreshed. Typically, one evening during the course, students and the course professor are invited to a DMin Team member’s home for a causal meal. This is an opportunity to build relationships outside formal classroom setting. Most evenings are normally left free for the students to research, relax, or socialize as desired.


A PhD is a research degree designed for those called to full-time academic administration or teaching at the post-secondary level. A DMin is a practitioner’s degree designed to help ministry leaders gain greater ministry competencies, confidence, and effectiveness. If you are a ministry leader who senses God’s continued call to ministry leadership (local church, denominational service, para-church leadership, chaplaincy, international ministry, teaching in the practice of ministry, etc.), then an Acadia DMin is probably the best route for you.

There are three reasons. First, we hold a high view of scriptures at Acadia and view them as being foundational to all we do in life and ministry. We believe that our curriculum ought to reflect that commitment. Second, when it comes time to prepare your thesis you will be expected to include a chapter or two demonstrating how your ideas about ministry are rooted in the Bible and theology. We want to make sure that you are ready to engage in biblical studies and theology at the doctoral level. Third, we recognize that for some DMin students it may be some time since you completed your MDiv we want to acquaint you with the latest in biblical studies and theology so that your preaching and teaching will be fresh and current.

Since Acadia Divinity College is accredited by the premier accrediting body for theological schools in North America, The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, the quality of our DMin program is recognized and affirmed by the body. In addition, since the degree is award by Acadia University, a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada, our doctoral degree carries a weight beyond that of many other Canadian seminaries, having been approved by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission and the Senate of Acadia University.

We don’t offer tracks within our DMin program because our experience is that interests and needs of adult learners are more individualized than any track could allow for. In addition, by not traveling through your program in a cohort you are able to meet new fellow students each time you take a new course. Finally, in a track model of study students are normally required to attend each and every course offered thus reducing flexibility if ministry, family commitments, or illness unexpectedly intrude on study plans.

“Taking the time to be reenergized in ADC’s DMin program has been well worth it. My leadership skills have been enhanced as I have learned alongside other Christian leaders and top-notch professors. In addition, with new challenges facing the church at home and abroad, it was time for a fresh theological infusion to think through how to lead, train, and mentor for the 21st century.”

– Jeff Marlowe

Director – Global Training and Development – Mission to the World Atlanta