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New Doctor of Ministry Preaching Emphasis and Scholarship Announced

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Acadia Divinity College (ADC) seeks to ‘develop the person and not just the specialist’. This, said, we facilitate people researching in areas of specific interest. One such area is ‘Preaching’.

Preaching is about painting oral graffiti on the walls of people's heartsPreaching takes place week by week in many different contexts and in many various forms. It can be called a gift, skill, craft, practice. It is all this and more!

In the past, and at present, we have several people who have made preaching the focus of their Doctor of Ministry (DMin) studies. Going forward, this is an area we want to develop further. The goal would be to have several D Min students simultaneously interested in pursuing research into the practice of preaching. This research can be varied, can be from a multiplicity of perspectives, and can be geared for very specific contexts: yet sharing in common the idea that somehow this activity matters, and because it matters, requires people to spend time quality time developing the understanding and practice of preaching. Such a group will have the opportunity to develop a learning and researching cohort. In addition to the regular courses, participants will benefit from the input of the Associate Professor in the John Gladstone Chair in Preaching and Worship, informed peer encouragement and support, and other opportunities to develop their particular focus within a wider pool of resources.

One immediate initiative is that participants in the DMin can take a ministry elective through attending the ‘Lester Randall Preaching Fellowship’ in Toronto in October 2019. This year the keynote preachers include Otis Moss III, Meg Jenista Kuykendall, and Scott Hoezee, all speaking to the theme, ‘The Faithful Imagination’. For ADC DMin students there will be the opportunity not only to attend the event and hear these top-class preachers and teachers of preaching, but to have prior guided reading, opportunities to reflect biblically and theologically upon what they see and hear, and the chance to explore how the learning can be integrated into their own context and personal ministry practices.

ADC already offers a widely recognized DMin qualification with a generous scholarship and the chance to complete studies in a four year ‘registration to graduation’ period.

New Scholarship

With the above in mind, Acadia Divinity College is pleased to announce a special $1,000 bursary for new students entering into the Doctor of Ministry Program in the fall of 2019. This one-time bursary, which is in addition to existing financial assistance, will be awarded to all students who start the program in 2019 and then successfully enter their second year in 2020. While this bursary is open to all new DMin students, it is also designed to support the program’s first-ever cohort focused on Preaching, which launches this fall.

For more information on the bursary, the Doctor of Ministry program, or the preaching emphasis, please contact Dr. Stuart Blythe, Director of Doctoral Studies.

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