Dr. Craig Evans Discusses Bart Ehrman’s Latest Book and His Response

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This past week Dr. Bart Ehrman released his latest book How Jesus Became God (AmazonUS and AmazonCAN) which seeks to explain away the deity of Christ. Dr. Evans participated, along with a number of other Evangelical scholars, in a response book the was released the same day called How God Became Jesus (AmazonUS and AmazonCAN).

ADC has produced a video interview with our own Dr. Evans to discuss some of the problems he sees with Dr. Ehrman’s book. Watch the brief “teaser” of the video interview, and watch the video in its entirety below.


You can also watch another excellent interview with Dr. Evans on this issue on 100 Huntley Street, where Dr. Evans is interviewed by ADC alumnus Dr. Jerry Johnston (begin at 13:15).

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