Theology in the First Five Centuries

Designation: THEO 7013

A seminar in the development of Christian theology in the first through the fifth centuries. Using major writers and primary texts in translation, themes such as church, ministry, the sacraments/ordinances, community, and authority will be examined. Major emphasis upon the doctrines of Christ and Trinity in debates and conciliar discussions. Students will explore the approaches suggested by the work of W.H.C. Frend, W. Meeks, J. Pelikan, A. McGrath, R. Williams, T. Oden, and G. R. Evans. Attention will be given to the emergence of orthodox and non-orthodox interpretations.

Recommended Prior Study

  • Completion of, or concurrent enrolment in, CHUR 5013 Introduction to Christian History, or permission of instructor.
  • Completion of, or concurrent enrolment in, THEO 5013 Christian Theology I, or permission of instructor.