The Prophets of Israel

Designation: DMIN 8293

The prophets of Israel were a unique phenomenon in the ancient world. There was nothing quite like these people who were spokespersons for the transcendent Creator of the Universe. This course considers their place in the ancient world and in Israelite history, their worldview, and their message both in its historically situated first context and in its timeless canonical context. The prophets saw life sub species aeternitatas—under the aspect of eternity—where everything looks different. In this course be prepared to reevaluate everything in your theology as we probe underneath the surface of the prophetic message and see and feel its deep currents. If those engaged in pastoral ministry are looking for theology relevant to life, the prophets are only too relevant. These voices who spoke about God’s concern for the little people, the widows, the orphans, the poor and the marginalized reveal powerfully the upside down values of the Kingdom of God and what really matters in the end. As Jeremiah says, it is not human wisdom, power, and wealth which shape human history but rather the values of mercy, justice and righteousness.This course seeks to stress this upside down world of the prophets so as to help leaders embody these kingdom values in their ministries and make a Kingdom difference in the world.

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Dr. Stephen Dempster
Professor of Religious Studies, Crandall University:

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