Senior Praxis

Designation: DISP 4023

In this course students will develop critical reflective practice (praxis) by volunteering consistently in a specific church or community ministry setting, chosen in consultation with the instructor. Students will be expected to integrate knowledge and skills as ‘reflective practitioners’ through regular journaling and structured debriefing sessions with the instructor.

Recommended Prior Study

  • Must be enrolled in the Crandall – Acadia Bachelor of Theology Partnership


Rev. Dale Stairs
Director, Crandall-Acadia Bachelor of Theology Partnership: 1-506-858-8970 ext: 121:

Available in New Brunswick

Course Information
Current Schedule - Special Time - Full Year 2021 Designation Instructor

Classes in Moncton NB; For Crandall / Acadia BTh only

Sept 10, Oct 22, Nov 19, Jan 21, Feb 11, March 18

DISP 4023 A0 Rev. Dale Stairs