Preaching as a Practice and the Practice of Preaching

Designation: PAST 5053

Participants will be introduced to preaching as a central biblical, historical and theological practice within the Christian Church. Participants will then examine the theology, theory and practice of designing and delivering sermons in context. With respect to design this will involve consideration of sermon content, purpose, form, illustration, story, and the context of a congregation gathered in worship. Particular attention will be given to designing ‘developmental/ big idea’, and ‘narrative’ preaching forms. In relation to sermon delivery, there will be a focus on rhetoric, voice, stance, eye contact, and working from a sermon script. in taking this course participants will be expected to design and deliver sermons receiving peer and tutor, group and individual, feedback.

Recommended Prior Study

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Rev. Dr. Stuart Blythe
John Gladstone Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship: 902-585-1803:

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PAST 5053 X1Rev. Dr. Stuart Blythe