Practices, Rituals and the Christian Imagination

Designation: DMIN 8473

The most vital and subtle lessons of the Christian faith and life are conveyed in practices, rituals and gestures, which are formative and powerful because they are embodied theology that refuses to separate the mind, heart and body. Since the period of the early church, Christian practices and rituals have been places of the revelation of God and the encounter with Jesus Christ. They function as a prism allowing Christians to view the world through a particular lens, providing a new frame for interpreting life and imagining the world. Through the actions and symbols of Christian ritual, worshipers encounter the living God, discover profound connections within the body of Christ, and experience the transforming power of the Spirit.  Yet the rituals of the church often fall short of their potential for such encounter and transformation.  This course will examine what makes rituals work and what hinders them from fulfilling their purposes.

Recommended Prior Study