Designation: IDTH 5010

This non-credit, Pass/Fail course is part of the annual orientation to Acadia Divinity College (ADC) and is normally required for all entering students at ADC (not including students in program partnerships). It will orient students to ADC and to seminary-level research and writing. Through lectures, demonstrations, practice exercises, readings, testing, and an all-day retreat, students will be introduced to various expectations, skills, and resources necessary for advancing successfully through their degrees, and they will also begin their preliminary personal testing. A part of this course will be an all-day session which provides an overview of the Bible’s narration of events from Abraham to the early church.

Recommended Prior Study

  • None


Dr. Daniel Zacharias
Associate Professor of New Testament Studies: (902) 585-1682: danny.zacharias@acadiau.ca

Available at Acadia Wolfville Campus

Take this course at Acadia Divinity College’s main teaching site on the campus of Acadia University in beautiful Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Course Information
Current Schedule - Special Time - Fall Term 2020 Designation Instructor

Sept. 8-11 2020

IDTH 5010 X1 Dr. Daniel Zacharias

Available Online

Take this course in an online format. Weekly assignments and readings are enhanced with online forum discussions.

Course Information
Current Schedule - Special Time - Winter Term 2021 Designation Instructor

Special Time

IDTH 5010 T1 Dr. Daniel Zacharias