Missional God, Missional Church

Designation: DMIN 8363

Modernity. Postmodernity. Liquid Modernity. Post-Christian. After Christendom. Secular Age. New Paganism. New Atheism. None. Done. Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. The analyses of our cultural moment in relation to the gospel seem unending. and the danger is that we can be paralyzed by these analyses. What we need in this time is a return to God, a deep understanding of God’s mission in the world, and the call of God’s people to that mission in this time. This course in “theological integration” will bring together a Trinitarian account of God’s life and mission, a Christological account of the sending of God’s people, and a Pneumatological account of the mission of God’s people in all times and places. Woven through all of this will be cultural analysis and engagement with the realities of ministry and mission in light of the final reality of the Gospel.

Recommended Prior Study

  • None