Leading Healthy and Effective Churches

Designation: EVAN 6063 / LEDR 6063

A study of healthy, growing churches in Atlantic Canada will include congregations in rural, small-town, and urban settings. Students will visit churches, observe ministries, and listen to pastors. Students will be exposed to congregations that have developed vibrant childrenÂ’s ministries and are successfully integrating young families into the congregation; have effective discipleship ministries; exhibit consistent numerical growth, including by baptism; have effective team ministries; are effectively reaching and integrating young adults; and have a significant social impact on their communities. Effective local church pastors and other church leaders will provide input and answer questions about their ministries. Students will reflect together on the experience and consider how to apply the lessons and principles learned.

Recommended Prior Study

  • EVAN 5013 Evangelism and Mission in Contemporary Society

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Course Information
Current Schedule - Weekly - Fall Term 2020DesignationInstructor

Fri. 2-3pm

EVAN 6063 X1/ LEDR 6063 X1Dr. Stephen McMullin