Indigenous Spirituality and Formation

Designation: INCD 7723

Indigenous understandings of the nature of the spiritual and of spirituality differ in many respects from those commonly held within Western traditions of Christian faith. The focus of the course, therefore, is to introduce the student to the ways in which Indigenous people participate as followers of Jesus in a manner that is authentic to their own cultural understandings, seeking to encourage spiritual growth and development from within such an Indigenous framework. This course will also discuss the appropriation of what has been perceived to be Indigenous spirituality by non-Indigenous people as well as a brief focus on what can be effectively learned from Indigenous understandings of the spiritual.

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Dr. Casey Church
Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Studies and Indigenous Spirituality, NAIITS:

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Current Schedule - Special Time - Spring Term 2020DesignationInstructor

June 7,8,9,10


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