History of Evangelicalism

Designation: CHUR 7053

Evangelicalism has reshaped the modern church. This vibrant movement has its roots in the Reformation and the revivals of the seventeenth century and in its evolution has developed new ways of remaining a force in the world-wide church and its ministries. Exploring the history of Puritanism, Pietism, the Wesleyan Revivals, the Great Awakenings and various 20th century manifestations of the increasingly diverse movement called Evangelicalism will provide a lens through which to view many important trends in the church of the 21st Century.

Recommended Prior Study

  • Completion of, or concurrent enrolment in, CHUR 5013 Introduction to Christian History


Dr. Melody Maxwell
Associate Professor of Church History: 902-585-2223: melody.maxwell@acadiau.ca