Hebrew Exegesis of Deuteronomistic History Texts

Designation: HEBR 7723

In this course students will study selected Hebrew texts from Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, or 1 and 2 Kings, by applying the hermeneutical and exegetical skills learned in BIBL 5023 and Hebrew language skills learned in HEBR 6013. This course will provide students with the foundation for preaching, teaching, and further research in these books and other Old Testament narrative.

Recommended Prior Study

  • BIBL 5023 Interpreting the Old Testament
  • Completion of, or simultaneous enrolment in, HEBR 6013 Intermediate Hebrew


Dr. Glenn Wooden
Payzant Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies: 1-902-585-2227: glenn.wooden@acadiau.ca

Available at Acadia Wolfville Campus

Course Information
Current Schedule - Special Time - Fall Term 2019 Designation Instructor

As needed for MA students, with permission of instructor. This course is also offered as BIBL 6023 ‘Deuteronomistic History’ and GREE 7723

As needed

HEBR 7723 X1 Dr. Glenn Wooden