Greek Exegesis of Hebrews and James

Designation: GREE 7053

In this course, students will study the epistle to the Hebrews and James by applying the hermeneutical and exegetical skills learned in BIBL 5033 and the Greek language skills learned in GREE 6013. In addition to studying the contents, contexts, and interpretive issues involved in the study of Hebrews and James, these letters’ contribution to the Christian understanding of Jesus Christ’s saving work will be emphasized. This course will provide students with the foundation for preaching, teaching, and further research in Hebrews and other New Testament epistles. BIBL and GREE versions of ‘Hebrews and James’ available

Recommended Prior Study

  • BIBL 5033 Interpreting the New Testament
  • Completion of, or simultaneous enrolment in, GREE 6013 Intermediate Greek


Dr. Daniel Zacharias
Associate Professor of New Testament Studies: (902) 585-1682: